Our products and finishes


At Timber Foundry sustainability is at the heart of every decision we make, so naturally when choosing a wood finishing, it was paramount we work with a business that shares our values.

During 2022 James spent months working with various brands to find the perfect blend of quality finish and nontoxicity. Although there were a few good options, the stand out for us was Littlefair's. As well as the fact all their stains and varnishes are water based, nontoxic, biocide-free and extremely user friendly, they are also a small growing family business that genuinely wants to engage and hear from people who use their products. James once had an application query and emailed for advice. To his surprise, Mr Littlefair himself called him and gave a thorough explanation! - how often does that happen these days?

In November 2022 we were asked to become official Brand ambassadors. All our products are now exclusively finished with Littlefair's interior / exterior wood stain and varnish.


Water based wood dye

Littlefair's wood dyes are lovingly bottled by hand in the North West of England using the unique colour formulae created by Mr. Littlefair himself. They bring a unique formula that penetrates the wood to produce a beautiful aged appearance on timber and showcase the reclaimed characteristics.

Littlefair's wood dye produces the more natural 'positive' grain effect. Most other wood stains are more easily absorbed into the softer areas of the wood between the darker details of the natural grain. This results in the 'negative' stain effect as it causes the softer area to go darker which in turn leads the actual grain appearing lighter. Littlefair's wood stain enhances the darker details of the natural wood grain and produces the desired natural finish.

Titan Topcoat Varnish

We genuinely believe this top coat is the best in class! We've road-tested on various projects and it stands up to anything and everything. Not only will Titan give you a beautiful satin finish to your furniture, but it will also provide commercial grade protection so you need not worry about those little paws or spills! Titan sets us apart from competitors in terms of protection - simply put it wipes the floor vs the commonly used wax / oil wax finishes.

Titan is used on all our reclaimed furniture.

As standard we have 4 colour options throughout the range, however Littlefair's offer an extensive 29 interior and 34 exterior options! We are always happy to help with colour matching or if you'd like something unique. Simply click on the links and contact us here