Furniture Care Instructions

There are various things to consider in maintaining a Timber product. Our Furniture is built to last and below are a few basic pointers that will help to make sure your shiny new piece will last for years to come! You'll also receive a care instructions sheet specific to the product purchased.
cleaning table
    • Take care when moving large items. Always lift and move with a least 2 people.
    • Please be kind when cleaning wood surfaces. General household chemical cleaners can strip protection quickly. We recommend a warm bowl of water, a splash of detergent and lint free cotton cloth. Simply wipe down following the direction of grain (length ways) and mop up any excess surface water.
    • For any outdoor Furniture we recommend a cover, particularly in the Winter months which will prolong the life.
    • Avoid placing hot plates, cups etc directly on the surface as this can cause stains and burn marks. We always advise using place mats.
    • Avoid placing wood furniture in locations with dramatic changes in climate such as conservatories. Wood is a living product and moves to acclimatise to its environment. To much shrinking and expanding can weaken joins. Certain timbers cope better in these situations so contact us and we can advise.
    • Wood is a living item, everything piece is different, this could be from the knots in the wood to the grain. Timber is a natural individual product and variance in knots and grain detail is common. We find that the knots, missing knots, different grains and varying wood detail provides a statement piece for your home. Whilst we fill loose knots on the top of the table, other less noticeable ones are left as character. If you have a preference (more or less knots for example) please let us know and we will do our best (but cannot guarantee) to achieve this. 
bespoke table

Committed to sustainable practices

100% FSC or PEFC regulated timber

From our local registered merchant

Forest Stewardship Council is a global Network of members who promote conservation, restoration, and respect for all. Being FSC certified means that the timber that we use is sustainably sourced. Timber's Foundry core value is to create sustainable furniture

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification is a leading global alliance of national forest certification systems. They recommend that the timber should be locally sourced for increaded sustainability in the furniture industry


Recyclable Packaging

We only use recyclable packaging

Waste Management

All our wood shavings go to our local farm for animal bedding

Grouped Deliveries

We group our deliveries geographically when possible to save on CO2 emissions

Furniture that lasts

High Quality Furniture

Another best sustainable practice is buying high quality furniture that lasts for a long time. At Timber Foundry we are committed to provide furniture that, even after many years, will still add style to your house

Timber Foundry is partnered with One Tree Planted
375 Trees Planted

...and counting

When you place an order with us, you will help fund planting tree projects across the world. We plant a tree for every item sold.

Trees are the source of the primary material we use to make our furniture. However, they play an important role in our lives.

That is why we want to give something back and thereby, do our bit to help with long term sustainability.