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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm


Unit 22, Midway Business Centre, Clay Cross, S45 9NU

Unit 22, Midway Business Centre, Clay Cross, S45 9NU

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

About us


We only use FSC certified Timber across our entire product range. This certification is something that is close to our hearts. It is now more important than ever to ensure furniture is sourced sustainably.

The Forest Stewardship Council is an international non-profit, organization established in 1993 that promotes responsible management of the world's forests. It is an example of a market-based certification program used as a transnational environmental policy.


Our Timber is supplied by our local Derbyshire merchant who is fully regulated with the FSC and PEFC.

Our Metal is UK forged and supplied by our local supplier who have been trading since 1889 and to this day are still family owned and managed by the 5th generation!

Our Metal framework is Powder Coated for unrivalled protection. This process provides superior performance than standard ‘wet paint’ and is far more resistant to chipping, scratching and other wear because of the thermal bonding it undergoes during curing. In addition to its physical toughness, powder coating provides superior colour retention.

With current trends focused on Industrial and Rustic furniture, many businesses are using unregulated Timber that claims to be ‘reclaimed’. These scaffold boards often have no traceability from origin, are very low cost and have an extremely high moisture content, which can result in warping, cracking etc. At Timber Foundry we only use stable furniture grade material. Our boards are kilned dried, planed and joined in house to create seamless finishing that is rustic in appearance but smooth to the touch.


We like to be creative and all our products are designed, built, and finished in house.


Everything we build is manufactured with the material’s natural characteristics in mind. Timber is a natural living product and should be nurtured and not constructed to do things it does not want to do. Our finish is meticulous, and we engineer every piece so that it will last for years to come. All our tables have underframe support for maximum longevity.

Commercial furniture

With over 15 years commercial experience we can cater for all manner of furniture solutions and will advise on materials, processes and finishing for the desired environment.