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      Wooden Dining Room Furniture 

      Built to last the test of time, and comfortably host the wildest of Dinner parties, our solid wood handmade dining room furniture is designed to make a lasting statement to your home. Every piece is handcrafted using traditional carpentry and fabrication methods in our UK workshop. Each piece is made to order and completely unique.
      Our Dining room furniture includes items such as our Prism dining table set  which is a firm favorite, featuring a chunky solid wood table top, fused with thick angled steel legs bringing together a stylish, versatile industrial dining room option. Just one of the many handmade items available.

      We have multiple products featuring solid oak dining tables, chunky industrial furniture or minimalist scandi options, and as always offer full bespoke sizing to perfectly fit inside your dining space.
      All our dining room furniture is handmade from our Derbyshire workshop.