Our New Old Dining Table Sets have arrived!

Yes, we are super excited to showcase our new sets in all their glory!

Reclaimed Dining Tables

Have you been looking for a real reclaimed dining table set that oozes character?.. then look no further!

We've been searching for reclaimed timber for some time and to be quite honest with you it's a minefield! Fortunately, we have found a lovely chap who demolishes buildings throughout Derbyshire and beyond! His latest haul comes after stripping an old Mill on the outskirts of Manchester! What's even better is we acquired the old steel window lintels fusing a table that oozes history, industry, and elegance! Check out some key features below!

Timber estimated age is between 150-200 years old! Can you imagine what it's seen over that timescale? We've planed and sanded leaving all the identifying marks of its industrial use including our favorite the nail holes! It's finished at a nice and chunky 4cm thick and is extremely solid and heavy!

Now if you like legs this is a bit of you! We had to completely strip back and sandblast to get to a smooth finish. Nick spent a long time working on the design and engineering the thick steel to create the ultimate taper. What's best he did the entire thing by hand not having access to a laser cutter! - real craftsmanship! We finished them in gold, however, we are also offering them in black and white.

The second is again reclaimed and features another unique leg design from Nick! Slightly more farmhouse style, whilst combining raw steel that lets the industrial side shine through perfectly.

Both tables are available in 6 wood colors, and 3 sizes - 4-6 seater (150cm long) 6-8 seater (180cm), and 8-10 seater (210cm and featured in the pictures).

Reclaimed timber is naturally darker due to the aging process so we'd recommend requesting samples that we post for free here 

Are you looking for something a little cleaner? At TIMBER FOUNDRY being a small business, we can be fluid. We can change any element of our products to match your needs. We now have 10 options of tables all available in multiple shapes, sizes, and colors.

Don't forget our last day for guaranteed Christmas delivery is 30th November (11 days!) After this date, we will do our utmost to still deliver before the big man arrives but can't guarantee.




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