Are you looking for a garden planter? We have you covered!

I hope you've all been enjoying the lovely summer weather! We've been a little quiet on our blog posts recently but have had our heads down in the workshop making sure we get all you're lovely products out on time!

We actually just returned from a lovely little break down at Jo's favourite place 'Druidstone' in Pembrokeshire, Wales. It was certainly needed and it was the first time in a long time I've had the opportunity to refresh and reflect. Having you're own business can be overwhelming at times and it's rare to actually sit back and look at how far you've come! 

Looking back it got me thinking about our products and best sellers. This time of year planters are prominent and it really does continues to blow my mind (and forearms) the sheer volume of we are producing. How did we get here in such a short space of time? When Covid first hit my mum had sent me an idea for some garden planters she wanted for her lovely garden. She'd thought long and hard about the style and wanted something unique so off I went to the shed to design and prepare. After it was finished I took a few pics and thought 'I'll pop that online' to see if anyone would be interested. 

The original!

Garden Patio Planter

Fast forward and this year we've used over 2000 4.8m lengths of timber to produce a good few hundred of that very planter! I really cringe at patting myself on the back for a lot of things but I did raise a cheeky glass to that and of course to my Mum!! Mad how these things can happen!

commercial planter productioncommercial planter productioncommercial planter production


Now I may be slightly biased but let me tell you 5 reasons why our planters are so popular..

1. They are made using FSC certified pressure treated timber

2. Every corner of every level is joined internally making them far superior in strength to a traditional garden planter.

3. We have wheely options so you can mix up that space when required

4. We are furniture makers predominantly - these are treated as such so the finish is clean and contemporary with not a screw in sight!

5. We have multiple 5-star reviews across our store and ETSY channel.

As always thanks for reading, enjoy the rest of the week and please comment below with any questions.


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